Sectors are broad classifications such as consumer staples, healthcare, or technology. The Global Industry Classification Standard is the primary financial. The city provides support for the digital entertainment industry including video games, esports and immersive experiences. The S&P sectors, or Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS), organize companies based on their primary business activities. · Investors can use the. These are the fastest growing industries in the province. It shows traded and local industries. Chart List. The industrial and materials stock sectors list includes construction, manufacturing, mining, and refining. They're reactionary to their environments and.

Sectors · Automotive industry · Biotechnology · Chemicals · Construction sector · Cosmetics · Cultural and Creative Industries · Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Key Takeaways · An industry group is a way of grouping individual companies or stocks based on common business lines. · GICS categorizes stocks into 25 industry. List of Industries - United States · Administration, Business Support and Waste Management Services · Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting · Educational. Sectors ; ▽ %, Financial Services Sector ; ▽ %, Healthcare Sector ; ▽ %, Industrials Sector ; ▽ %, Technology Sector. An industry is a group of businesses that are related in terms of their main activity, for example manufacturing cars or selling groceries. Smaller industries . The GICS structure consists of 11 sectors, 25 industry groups, 74 industries and industry, industry group, and sector, by its principal business activity. Industry sectors edit · Primary sector of the economy (the raw materials industry) · Secondary sector of the economy (manufacturing and construction) · Tertiary. Process Industries, T USD, % ; Producer Manufacturing, T USD, % ; Retail Trade, T USD, % ; Technology Services, T USD, %. What Are the 11 Stock Market Sectors? · 1. Energy sector · 2. Materials sector · 3. Industrials sector · 4. Utilities sector · 5. Healthcare sector · 6. Financials. Market Cap is the sum of the market value of each company assigned to the applicable GICS sector or industry. Market value or capitalization is calculated.

Most major industry classification systems use sources of revenue as their basis for classifying companies into specific sectors and industries. Industries and sectors · Agriculture; plantations;other rural sectors · Basic Metal Production · Chemical industries · Commerce · Construction · Education · Financial. A list of 11 sectors and industries used to categorize stocks based on the company's primary business activity. Key Sectors Bring Focus to High Growth Industries. Focusing on the aerospace, agriculture/food manufacturing, clean technology, information and communication. Top companies by sectors · Aerospace & Defense · Agriculture & Forestry · Automotive · Business & Consumer Services · Chemicals · Construction · Consumer · Financial. Top Industries ·. Alphabetical Listing of Industries · Farm Bureaus · Farming · Finance / Credit Companies · Finance, Insurance & Real Estate · Food & Beverage · Food Processing &. SECTORS · Accommodation and Food Service Activities · Administrative and Support Service Activities · Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing · Arts, Entertainment and. An industry sector is a group of related industries. Exploring an industry sector is a great way to find out about occupations in the industry and.

Our S&P Sector and Industry Indices measure segments of the U.S. stock market as defined by GICS®. GICS enables market participants to identify and analyze. Industry Sectors · Agriculture business management and marketing · Agriculture mechanics · Animal care · Animal control · Animal production · Crop production. Explore different sector performances below to analyze the economy as a whole. Sectors. Industries. Market Cap. T. Select a Sector for a Visual. Sector classification structures ; Level/System, GICS, ICB, TRBC ; 1st, 11 Sectors, 11 Industries, 13 Economic Sectors ; 2nd, 25 Industry Groups, 20 Supersectors. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is the standard used by Federal statistical agencies in classifying business establishments for.

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