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Analog Outlet Wall Timer · For use in US & Canada ONLY - Volts/60Hz · Use this timer to create a light cycle · Match the light cycle of nature or create your. 5 Plug the Timecontroller into a socket. 6 Plug your appliance into the Certain washing machines e.g. those with built in timers and some electronic machines. Plug the timer into the mains socket and switch on. The green LED on the front of the timer will flash three times, after each flash you will hear the. appliances, heaters, irons, etc.) • Do not exceed electrical. ratings. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Locate the segments around on the outer edge of the timer's dial. These. Position the first pin to the time you want the electrical item to come off, setting the second pin to the time you want it to turn off. For example, if you.

• Hanging bracket for wall mounting. 3. General. 1. Timer must be in off position before inserting plug from light source into timer. 2. Select time desired. 1. Plug the timer with lights into the mains socket at 4pm. 2. Press the REPEAT button until the 7 hour segment is selected, a red. Plug Timer into power outlet. Plug appliance into timer and switch the timer on. Timer turns ON when ON pin reaches the timer indicator arrow and turns OFF when. Before using your timer, please read the following instructions carefully Always ensure the plug of any appliance is fully inserted into the timer outlet. Step 1: To use the timer plug it into a power source and plug an appliance into the timer. leave home and then switch on, or an electric blanket stay on for. Plug in the device and press the “Mode” button to select between AUTO / ON / OFF options. With the "ON" function the red light is on: it means that the. For example: to turn the timer on at 5pm and off at 10pm, push down all the pins between 5PM and 10PM. 5. Plug your electrical device directly into the timer.

Real-time can be set by rotating the disc in the direction of the arrow until the marked point indicates the current time. Plug into a power socket and connect. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Locate an electrical outlet that is close to the device you want to control. 2. Put the Manual Switch . Plug the timer into wall outlet for 10 minutes to charge internal battery. Note: You can then unplug the timer from the wall outlet and comfortably hold it in. Buy Triple Pack 7-Day Electronic Timers at Argos. Thousands of products for same day delivery, or fast store collection. The 24 Hour Segment Timer is a high quality timer which can be used to switch lights and electrical appliances (up to W) on/off automatically. Plug the A small button battery is loose in the blister, could be easily lost and the instructions don't tell you to fit it. Each Buttons does multiple tasks ie always. • PLUG DIRECTLY INTO AN ELECTRICAL OUTLET. • DO NOT USE IN WET LOCATIONS accordance with the instructions may cause harmful interference to radio. INSTRUCTIONS. 1. Setting the present Plug the Timer into an VAC electrical outlet, and the Timer set-up is complete. SAVE THESE WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS. manual override. Operating Instructions. Setting the time: The correct time and day of the week must be set prior to using the timer for the first time.

• Switch off the electrical appliance if not already done so. • Connect the appliance power cord to the timer socket, then plug the timer into a wall socket. Always ensure the plug of any appliance is fully inserted into the timeroutlet. Related Manuals for Masterplug 7 Day Electronic Timer - Compact. 7-Day Indoor Digital Plug-In Timer ; Backup Type, Battery, Color ; Input Voltage Range(s), VAC, 60 Hz, Maximum ON/OFF Operations ; Mechanism Type, Digital/. Plug Series · Heavy Duty Outlets · Holiday String Lights · Switch; Others. Temperature Controllers · Health & Household · Smart Pet Supplies · Electricity Usage.

Crest Digital Timer Setup - Part 1

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